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Tips for a Comfy Fit in Archies Slides

How to stretch the band in Archies Slides

If the band on your Archies Slides feels too tight in places and is rubbing, don't worry. The band can be stretched to give you a customised fit. Tips from our customers. You can also slide your hands through the band and pull up with one hand, while

What to do if your heels are sliding out in our slides

Twisting (where the heels slide in or out of the back of the slide) is a common issue with slides in general. We've worked extensively on resolving this in our slides and most of our testers who previously twisted in other brands didn't experience th

How to prevent blisters from the Slides

If the band on your Archies Slides feels too tight over your toes, don't worry, it can be stretched. Tips from our customers. To stretch the band over the toe area. 1. Slide your fingers under the band. 2. Pull it up and roll it back away from your t

My Archies Slides are too hard what do I do?

Archies Slides have a patented footbed that moulds to the shape of your feet as you wear them. When they are new, the material still needs to soften and shape to suit your feet. This could also be a reason for the arch feeling uncomfortable for some.