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How to prevent blisters from the SlidesUpdated 9 months ago

If the band on your Archies Slides feels too tight over your toes, don't worry, it can be stretched. 

Tips from our customers

  • It's much easier to stretch the band when the material is warm. Put it in the sun for a few minutes to warm up and then stretch the band.
  • Stretch the band every time before you wear them - the material is very durable! 

To stretch the band over the toe area

1. Slide your fingers under the band. 

2. Pull it up and roll it back away from your toes.

3. You might need to repeat this a few times.

We also suggest putting Vaseline or a barrier cream over your toes until the pair is worn in. 

The material is very strong so you can give it a good stretch without worrying about it breaking!

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