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I have flat feet. Can I wear Archies Footwear products?Updated a year ago

Yes! Archies Footwear products have inbuilt arch support and are perfect for people with pronated and/or flat feet. The arch support helps to support the foot in a more optimal position and reduces pronation.

In fact, many podiatrists recommend our footwear to their patients with pronation to wear around the house as an indoor slipper. 

Rather than walking around on the hard tiles and floorboards without support, our footwear gives your feet a break from shoes and some much-needed fresh air while still giving you the support that you need. 

In Australia, we call jandals thongs which is why this video mentions Archies Arch Support Thongs. 😁

Feel free to read the following article on how 'regular jandals' affect pronation of the feet

What does pronation look like and the symptoms?

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