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Do you recycle Archies Jandals and Slides?Updated 9 months ago

Yes! We’re so excited to have found a company in Australia that is able to recycle the material that our jandals and slides are made from. All jandals and slides that are returned to our warehouse that are in non-wearable condition, are stored and then shipped to Australia once we have a full container load. 

These pairs are then donated to Tread Lightly — one of the few companies in the world that take unwanted sport and active lifestyle footwear and recycle them. You can find out more here:

All jandals and slides that we receive that are used but in “wearable” condition are donated to various charities and worthy causes. 

If you’re happy to post your pair of jandals and/or slides to our warehouse, we’ll be sure to bring them back to Australia to be repurposed into something good. Feel free to contact us and we’ll give you the postal details. 

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