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Are these good for people with bunions?Updated 9 months ago

Can Archies Jandals and Slides help with bunions?

Yes, Archies Jandals and Slides can be a great option for people with bunions. They offer support and have straps and bands that can be stretched to accommodate the bunion, making them super comfortable.

Can bunions be reversed?

Once bunions have developed, they cannot be reversed except with surgery. However, certain factors can make them progressively worse, and these factors are often things that can be changed.

What causes bunions?

There are many different causes of bunions, with hereditary factors being a substantial one that cannot be changed. However, wearing footwear with no arch support can also contribute to the development of bunions, especially if you are predisposed to rolling in at the feet (pronating).

How can Archies Jandals and Slides help prevent bunions from worsening?

Wearing Archies Jandals and Slides with arch support can help reduce the rolling in of the foot, which takes the stress off the big toe and helps prevent it from worsening. Additionally, as they are open, there is no constrictive pressure on the big toe.

Can wearing tight, constrictive shoes make bunions worse?

Yes, wearing tight, constrictive shoes can cause the big toe to bend in even further, making bunions worse. Choosing open, comfortable footwear like Archies Jandals and Slides can be a better option for people with bunions.

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